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Werkit Photo is the leading photography studio in LA and Orange County. 


A career born out of a passion for photography. Hopefully in life we all get a chance to follow a dream and discover the gifts that God bestowed upon us. Turning those gifts into a career is truly a dream. Lia Stude is living that dream. 

A few years ago Lia decided to return to school and is currently a Junior at Arizona State University studying for her Bachelor’s in Fine Art in Photography. She is on track to graduate in 2018 after which she will begin planning for her Master’s in Fine Arts. Lia believes that in order to be a successful photographic artist you must be a student of the arts yourself. 

Lia is a joy to be around during events. She is fun and personable and knows how to reach her clients. She genuinely enjoys people and making them feel important. 

Lia Marie Stude
Werkit Photo